January 2014

Flying Voices Braniff Interview CD

November 2013

Dear Braniff Family Member,

As this year comes to a close I thought I would update you on the Flying Voices Oral History Project. 2013 has seen Flying Voices blossom from a plan to an established project recognized in the oral history community, but more importantly, the Braniff community. Flying Voices will have recorded 15 interviews by the year’s end.

Our goal for this phase is to have 20-25 interviews representing various positions held at Love Field and DFW. These interviews will be house at the University of North Texas’ Oral History Archive (UNT OHA) where preservation standards are sure to be held at the highest measure. With all the progress that has been made, I’ve made some realizations too. Without a doubt, there is no way that I can get quality and timely transcriptions without submitting the interviews to a professional transcription service. And as I have stressed before, this is the most costly portion of the project. So the steps in the project have to change a bit.

I’ve talked to many oral history colleagues, in particular the director of UNT’s OHA, Dr. Todd Moye, and they have recommended re-prioritizing. I will no longer be focusing on getting the transcript out to the interviewees, as the first priority. The first priority will be to send an audio copy of the interview out the interviewee. The interview will be presented on a high-quality, labeled CD, in a case designed for the Flying Voices project. We are currently in the process of designing the case.

The second priority will be to develop the online presence of the website creating the catalog of interviews recorded. The Flying Voices website will just have the summaries of the interviews. The third priority, at this time, will be the transcription since this will be more of an ongoing process. There are two ways that Flying Voices will be able to expedite the transcription process. We are currently in discussion with a nonprofit group about partnership. This will allow me to apply for grants, as I have been unable to do so since I am an individual and do not have nonprofit status. The second way is continued financial support from the Braniff community.

This project cannot continue without the backing of the community it serves. I have been so grateful of the of all the support, financial or otherwise, the project has received in the past year. Let’s keep the momentum going! As we make way for 2014, I look forward to completing the interviews, submitting the histories to UNT, and working on the transcription. I hope you are able to join me in the progress and achievements.

Have a joyful holiday season and a Happy New Year!


Abra Schnur
Project Director
Flying Voices Oral History Project

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August 2013

Flying Voices Information Session

The Flying Voices Oral History Project held its first information session on August 10th, 2013.  The meeting was at the Bachman Lake Dallas Public Library Branch.

Project Director, Abra Schnur, and Digital Content Manager, Jacob Flores, gave a presentation that focused on their educational background and interest in Braniff, the oral history research medium, the purpose and significance of the project, and fundraising efforts.

Attendees also heard from guest speaker, Gregory Robinson, who spoke about his experience in participating in an interview and the necessity for such a project. At the end of the session, attendees were given the opportunity to ask questions about the project and sign up to be contacted for an interview.  Ten attendees registered to participate in an interview session. Interviews are to take place in the upcoming months.  Video of Ms. Schnur’s presentation will be available soon on the Flying Voices website,


 Project Director - Abra Schnur



Partnering with Clipped B’s Houston

The Flying Voices Oral History Project will be meeting with the Clipped B’s, Houston Chapter, later in the month to begin collaborating on a Braniff display for the newly remodeled William P. Hobby Airport.

They will be discussing ways to create an interactive exhibit through the use of oral history.  This is an exciting venture for the Flying Voices team as they welcome new ways the project can be of service to the Braniff community.



Flying Voices Donors

Gregory Robinson
Clari Feuerbacher
Renata Gibson
Ted Reinert
Thank you to Braniff Flying Colors, Parkgate, and the Dallas Public Library.





A Personal Appeal from Project Director, Abra Schnur


Dear Braniff Family Members,


Thank you for your interest in the Flying Voices Oral History Project! We’ve come a long way from the launch of this endeavor last October. Since then, the FV team has made several trips to the Dallas area for research, information gathering, and networking. In addition, we have also successfully completed five oral histories. Though we hope to continue this project for as long as possible, we have set our goal to collect 20-25 interviews for this initial phase.


A project of this size requires a certain amount of funding to be completed with professional quality. The figure I like to show is that of transcription costs. Interviews are typically sent to a transcription service because it is a very timely and labor intensive manner for one person to do. Transcription services typically charge a dollar per minute. If we have 20 interviews at an average of three hours a piece, that comes to 3,600 minutes or $3,600. This is where the bulk of the funding needs to go. Other costs include travel expenses to conduct the interviews, digital media materials, and printing and shipping expenses.


With this in mind, we have set our fundraising goal at the realistic amount of $8,000. If a monetary donation is how you would like to help, you can do so by visiting the contributions page at We offer a safe and secure way to donate via Paypal. This project is offering the opportunity to preserve a legacy that has gone undocumented, the human experience of Braniff International. The spectrum of perspectives from all the different positions at the company will form a true collective history for generations to come. So I invite you to join us on this journey; whether it be in participating in an interview, helping to promote the project, or contributing monetary support, this project cannot stay above ground without you.


Sincerely, Abra Schnur


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