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An independent oral history project doesn't seem like it would cost too much money but there are definitely some expenses involved. A big chunk of the funds raised will go to the transcription of the interviews. Interviews are usually sent out to a transcription service because it is a timely and labor intensive matter. Another big cost will be travel expenses. Audio/video equipment and hardware, web development, promotion, and product packaging are all elements of the project that will require funds.



To explain in more detail- Transcription services is a get what you pay for business. For timely and accurate transcription service, providers tend to charge around $1 per minute. We would like to have between 20-25 interviews. The average interview can last 3 hours. That 180 minutes per interview. Multiply that by 20 and we have 3,600 minutes or $3,600 dollars for transcription.



The project team lives in San Antonio and Houston. This project will entail many trips to the DFW area to complete the interviews and we will obviously accrue a travel expense. As of now, it is about $300 per trip and have budgeted $1,800 for travel expenses. We are left with $2,600 for printing, binding and supplies. As you can see, we have set a goal for a project of this size to be $8,000. This goal can easily be attainable if the the Braniff Family as a whole supports this project. This project is providing that service that is unprecedented. We our offering a chance to document the real Braniff, your experience. Please help us record and preserve the legacy while we still can!

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