Your Flight Crew

Abra Schnur
I first became interested in Braniff about eight years ago when I began collaborating with Jacob Flores and Modsnap Media. I immediately took to the fandom of Braniff. I have an Associates Degree in Radio, Television, and Film, and a Bachelor's in Cultural Anthropology. I have six years of public radio experience, I interned with the Smithsonian's Archives of American Art Oral History Program and have taken classes and workshops in oral history. My passion for oral history, and this project in particular, comes from my practical experience in radio and interviewing, my educational experience with qualitative research and my love for Texas and pop culture history.

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Jacob Flores
I began my road to Braniff when I first saw a picture of the "big pumpkin" (Braniff's 747 Which flew from the mainland to Honolulu in the 70's)  in 1999. It fascinated me that a plane that plump was bluntly Orange. Well it lingered in my mind for over 5 years, when after moving from Hawaii to San Antonio, Texas I began to grow an interest in Vintage 60's photography and fashion. In 2004, I began a local film/photo group called Modsnap, where we filmed weekly slapstick comedy episodes both the web and public access television. During Modsnap, I ran across Emilio Pucci's Designs which were once fitted for Braniff's finest, the hostesses.  I was again fascinated by the nature of which this airline dressed itself, which later welcomed me to Alexander Girard. Seven years later, the impression stays the same, of how an Airline re-branded itself and took such a bold step where no airline went before. It changed the industry, in the sense of flying as entertainment and brought life and substance to a routine staple. My enthusiasm for Braniff International blossoms with every new find and story that I come across.

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