First Class Service : Introduction

“Flying Voices: In-Flight and Ground Experiences with Braniff International Airlines in the DFW Metroplex”


By 1965 Braniff International Airlines had been an operating and developing company for 37 years. What began as direct flight service from Oklahoma City to Tulsa was soon an international flight service wanting to recreate its image and mass appeal. The Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Metroplex was in the process of revitalizing their image as well. Presently, Love Field, once a major Braniff hub, has been in the process of renovation and the former Braniff operations and maintenance base’s preservation is being threaten.

How did a major company such as Braniff influence the development of the DFW and vice versa? What were the economic and cultural results that developed within the company and can we see any of the elements projected within the metroplex and beyond? On a more personal level, how did Braniff shape the lives of its employees and create such a close knit group of people that still keep in touch today?

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