Picuki: Insta-Stalking and Exploring Like a Boss

Did you know 62% of teens aged 13-17 use Instagram for stalking. Ever wanted to stalk your boyfriend/girlfriend without getting caught? Ever thought of sliding into their public pictures and videos without them noticing? Here’s a simple way to access and download your loved ones data without harming them. You need not invest any amount of money. If you’re a student or a broke person, Here’s a simple solution for you!

Instagram profile viewing, specially among Gen Z has become the new trend. It’s the need of the hour for many harmless stalkers. Stalking has become fuel for the soul. Everyone is always eager to know what’s happening in other’s life through a social media medium popularly known as “Instagram” these days. Once viewed they want to download the media files such as Images, videos, stories, posts etc.

What the fish is Picuki???

Picuki is an effective Instagram data viewer/download-er app. This toll is helpful in editing, viewing, downloading Instagram content with ease. Limited to only public profiles yet so much effective for stalkers or followers who want to keep data saved for future reference. It is very much effective for viewing stories as well.

As a matter of fact, 75% of Gen Z use Instagram.  “Finsta(Fake Instagram)” Accounts are on a rise only for spreading false information and secretly stalking, commenting and sharing data on Instagram.

——————————————————————————————————————This “Finsta” (fake Instagram) accounts are fake or secret accounts for sharing private/illicit data which they can’t share through real identity accounts. These can be used to spread wrong information. Liking adult content and even for increasing engagement on their real account. Most of the people on Instagram have multiple fake accounts to boost engagement on their official/real accounts Picuki is a helpful app for such activities where you can love-stalk your secret crush instantly.

How does Picuki work?

Browse Instagram on Picuki without loggoing in to this app. Its pretty useful while searching based on #Hashtags, Locations and captions. In the Picuki app you can access everythings from a public profile and you can edit the required visual information shared by an individual account holder.

Download Picuki app for pc or android easily. Open the Picuki website or download the app. Google play store provides easier way to download the app on your phone.

If using Picuki on the browser, better to browse through website . Profile name, Hastag, location should be inserted on the search bar and the page is ready with multiple results.

Best Features of Picuki

  • View trending news
  • View,edit and download your favorite photos
  • Access data at your convenience
  • Advanced functionality- Get more than Instagram like Image editing and downloadable content
  • Analytics – Performance can be analysed based on more channelized funnel

FAQs for Picuki

Can I check through Picuki on

Picuki can be browsed though website on phone or can be downloaded from Google playstore

How to watch Insta stories secretly (via Picuki)?

Browse picuki.com. Enter @username, #hashtag or profile name and find numerous search results. It’s completely anonymous and you don’t need to register.

Can the account holder track my data after viewing or downloading content?

View history remains unregistered and untraceable. They cannot track any of your personal data.

Can I store posts, stories and reels?

Yes, Absolutely anonymously you can store all the visual data is the profile is public. Just click on the post, right click, and save as image.

Can I view private files?

No. There is no way to view hidden files through Picuki.

Coming to the end of this blog

IF you are a crush stalker, Instagram freak, a marketer, social media specialist or an owner of individual business, then this tool is curated just for you. Find everything you need from the competitors or the influencers and get going!

Happy browsing with Picuki!!!

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