5 Factors to Find The Best Camping Bed

Remember the good old days when we had to sleep on the ground or a canvas groundsheet while on a camping trip? They almost provided no protection against the stones and twigs beneath. Neither did it offer any insulation from the damp ground.

Luckily, things have improved for the better and the art of camping has seen a great change. For starters, the tents have become better: more waterproof, lighter, and easier to assemble. The same is true even for camping beds.

Introduction to sleeping bags and camping bed

If you are looking to travel light while out camping, sleeping bags can be a great option. They take up negligible space in the backpack and come in all kinds of different sizes. This is the reason that they’re quite popular with backpackers and campers.

On the other hand, camping air beds can be handy to effectively accommodate more people while lying down. Of course, they are considerably bulkier than bedrolls, but they are far more comfortable when inflated correctly. According to camping experts, it is a wise investment. These have strengthened sides making it harder for people to roll over.

Choosing the right camping bed

Camping doesn’t always mean sleeping on the floor or using a sleeping bag. Neither does it involve sleeping on a luxurious bed in the great outdoors. Yet, getting a good night’s sleep is important to maintain the alertness for different activities while out camping. This is where Camping beds come in handy.

  • They are easier to get in and get out of
  • They keep you comfortable even when outdoors
  • They keep you warm at night

Top factors to consider while buying camping beds

Here are a few factors to consider while selecting a camping bed.

  • Weight and size: When it comes to travelling into the backcountry, weight is often a serious issue. However, if you are going car camping, the little extra weight may not matter, especially if you want to stay comfortable. Moreover, camping cots with aluminum frames weigh only about 9kg, while the ones with steel frame weigh a little extra. As for the size, the range varies depending on whether you need a longer cot or a shorter version. That said, camping air beds come in sizes similar to mattresses.
  • Portability: If you plan on spending a few days out in the great outdoors, and change the camping site location every few days, you should select camping beds keeping the portability factor in mind. Check out a few different options from different manufacturers before zeroing in on the product that suits your needs. In fact, some air beds take very little space when fully deflated.
  • Assembly: You’d need a bed that can be set up quickly when out camping. Some camp beds can be laid down by unfurling the joints like a folding chair, while others require proper assembly. As for air beds, they are a little more straightforward.
  • Fabric: Here’s another factor that you should consider while planning a camping trip. The quality of the fabric used would make all the difference as to how comfortable the bed is. Cotton canvas fabrics are hard to keep clean and are heavier when pitted against other camping bed fabric options. If you want to stay cool in warm conditions, try finding camping beds that are made up of mesh fabric. Some beds even have a velour type of fabric.
  • Comfort and support: Usually, camping cots have fabric tension and a spring system to provide support. Some camping beds have adjustable tension systems for added comfort. In fact, some of those may even feature added padding. However, the extra padding adds to the weight of the bed. That said, try staying away from poorly designed and cheap camping beds, just as you stay away from cheap hiking boots and other cheap camping equipment.

Key takeaway

Finding camping beds isn’t too hard. You just need to set your priorities right – whether you need comfort or want it to be lightweight. The best camp beds are usually quite comfortable and come in various sizes. Camping beds and camping cots are good options for those who don’t want to sacrifice comfort while out camping. As for the weight of these, it keeps varying from one manufacturer to the other. If you’re a car camper, you have a little more leeway regarding the camping bed size. Luckily, there are plenty of options – ones that are not only lightweight but also have enough padding to keep you comfortable throughout the night. Want to find out more about quality camping equipment, hiking boots, and other gear? Feel free to comment below. We’d be happy to come up with more such informative and meaningful blogs to help all budding campers.

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